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Zoom Vocal Class

What happens in class?
Students will be divided into 2 groups. Every other week the groups perform for each other. Each class member sings a solo and gets personal feedback. I will also encourage positive feedback in the chat after each performance to let the singers know what the "audience" perceives as the strongest areas in their performance. It is important to attend weeks even when you are not performing as you will learn a great deal from my feedback and from the comments of others.

The feedback is focused in 2 areas:
1) Vocal techniques to get the best tone quality possible.
2) Performance techniques.

Once every 2 months we will do a live Zoom performance, free to whoever you want to invite from anywhere in the world.

This class is open to ages 13 -  Adults
Begins Thursday, June 10th from 6:30pm-8pm on Zoom
Class limited to 16 participants

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