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the live stage thousands of times, both as an actor and comedian, and on-screens both large and small.  I've been coaching and directing youth actors and youth shows (over 100) for more than 20 years now, but I've never offered a scene class.

Until now.

Youth Scene Class

My name is Jack J. Bennett. I'm a professional SAG-AFTRA actor (, and I've been acting since I was five years old and acting  professionally  since  1995.   I've  been  on

Aladdin Jr.

On Monday nights, weekly from 6-8pm, at our beautiful space, the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena.  The focus will be on scene work for TV, film and theatre (and the differences between them), and character development, but I'll also be throwing in some improv, short notice audition prep, commercial audition prep - and maybe even some cool things like dialects - at them from time to time on short notice.

I'm looking for young actors who are motivated to improve their performance and audition skills.  I am accepting actors 10-18, and if under 10, they must be very good readers, as they will have to cold read and prepare pieces within class.  This will be a class, not babysitting, so please be sure your child can handle this before signing up.

I'm currently limiting the class to 10 students, but I may open up a few more spots if we have enough time for everyone to work every class.  If the class is sold out, or for other questions, please email me at

to be put on the waiting list for an open spot or an added class.  

Tuition is $150/month, but right now I'm offering your first month for just $75! To reserve your space (only 10 available), click below to pay first month. Next session begins soon.  Starting with your second month, payment will be monthly recurring (you can cancel anytime, one month notice requested) through PayPal below.

I'm looking forward to class!

Jack J. Bennett

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