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YST - Coronavirus updates

9/29/20 - Please help YST stay in business by supporting our Go Fund Me campaign!  The Covid 19 crisis has put us in absolute danger of losing our theatre.  If you can help, even by sharing, please click here.  Thank you in advance.

4/17/20 - YST is definitely going ahead with Summer Camps no matter what!  After the success of our virtual rehearsals for "Wizard of Oz" we know it can be done.  Hopefully we will be back in the theatre, and if we cannot be back in the theatre, we have developed a plan to have our first summer show, "The Sound of Music", mostly ready to go when we can get back into the theatre!  Head over to our Summer Camps page for the info.

3/25/20 - In the event that current situation continues into the summer, YST is planning possible online summer camps, and rehearsals, private lessons and classes are all continuing with little interruption.  If you are interested in taking online voice, piano, or guitar, Miranda Miller has openings for all three.  Email to get a time.  If you would like to help YST in this difficult time, you can click on "Donate/Ads" above to make a donation or purchase a gift certificate.  Gift certificates are 10 percent off for a limited time - example: You can get a $50 gift certificate for $45.  These are good for all things at YST: tickets, snacks, merch, etc.

3/17/20 - YST is suspending all events at the theatre at least through the end of March.  Private lessons are continuing online, and we are currently working on online solutions for classes and rehearsals.  Gloria and Jack are staying put at home, but still working to keep YST going through this difficult time.  We will continue to monitor the situation, as I'm sure you all will as well, and make decisions as new options present themselves.  Stay tuned.

3/12/20 - Out of an abundance of caution, and after carefully reviewing the available information and speaking to experts on the subject, we are electing to postpone/cancel this weekend's performances, rehearsals and classes, and have not yet made a decision on next weekend.  While we realize that the chances of contracting the virus are small, and recovery for even most people infected seems likely, we still feel that caution in this instance is warranted.

Those who have already purchased tickets will be contacted to exchange those tickets for a future date.  If this is you, you can email us at We hope to be able to reschedule these shows, and if that is not possible we will credit the ticket buyers for other performances.

Click here for the latest from the CDPH that helped us come to this conclusion.

Thanks for your understanding, and know that we did not arrive at this decision lightly.  Stay safe, stay informed and follow the recommended guidelines.  Let us all hope and pray that this situation comes to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Jack and Gloria

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