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YST Membership Company Holiday Party 2024

Young Stars Theatre Academy Company Membership is granted by invitation only, after completing a show with YSTA. The benefits and responsibilities of being a member are outlined below. 

Basic membership benefits include:

  1.    Members can attend our weekly improv class for free. 

  2.    Members get one free ticket for themselves to one performance of each run of a show or cast that they are not in, and can bring up to two guests with them to that performance for half price. (Does not apply to camps or any cast’s opening/closing shows.)

  3.    Members get reduced rates on private singing, acting, and audition coaching. 

  4.    Members get first notification of upcoming auditions. 

  5.    Members can attend any basic member activities like outings, improv competitions, and our amazingly famous annual Holiday Party! 

  6.    Members receive reduced rates on show and camp tuition.

  7.    Members get Elite stamps for helping out organically and for work hours (hanging posters, helping with set building/painting, working concessions, among other odd jobs we email out for people to volunteer for). The stamped cards are exchanged for treats and other events (like Murder Mystery nights, movie nights, or being taken to a show among other fun things we are planning.

  8.    Members have the opportunity to be an elected officer or a committee chairman to help the theatre thrive.



  1.     Pay membership dues of $75 each month. 

  2.     Members should participate in work hours when called to help out (and available).    

  3.     Members should attend monthly meeting days as much as possible (First Saturday class of each month).

  4.     Members help create and maintain guidelines.

  5.     Members help organize and participate in fundraisers.

  6.     Members should maintain a positive, professional, and supportive atmosphere for everyone involved.

  7.     Members should sign up to be on and participate in activities for at least one committee. 

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